Sunday, October 10, 2010

Naked Mountain Winery

"Wine Saturday" brought me this weekend to "Naked Mountain" Vineyard and Winery in Markham, Virginia, near Front Royal. Like most of the wineries I've visited, this vineyard was set in a beautiful environment with mountain vistas and wooded hills. I tasted their selection and found the reds to be especially good. I have tasted Virginia wines for twenty years and in earlier days the Virginia red wines were dreadful. But now places like "Naked Mountain" are doing well with them. I didn't see anyone naked on the mountain, though people were certainly having a good time.

I did this sketch in markers, rather than colored pencils, just to see how well I could render a landscape in marker. I was somewhat in a hurry, so it isn't as precise as I would like. The view goes out to the blue hills, while the vines are in the middle ground supported by pickets. Autumn gold has arrived in the Virginia hills.

Vineyard view, markers on sketchbook paper, about 7" x 7".

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