Friday, December 3, 2010

Constructing Figures

Here's yet another page of my perpetual efforts to draw human figures. These don't look so bad, but before you congratulate me for my improvement (not) I must admit that these drawings are copied out of my Chris Hart book, complete with the construction shapes that Hart uses to make bodies, such as little circles for the joints and a bent oval for the torso. I'm copying most of the drawings in the book. It's a way to learn, though not as good as drawing live models, because the Artists say that nothing is as good as drawing live models. These are idealized commercial-style drawings anyway, note the high heels on the lady figures. I've drawn a lot of live models in my time, and not a single one of them ever wore high heels while posing.

In my few moments in art school back in the 70s, that kind of thing would be despised. Anything that even hinted at "commercial" was rejected, and anything from POP CULTURE was totally out of the Artistic sphere. Whenever I hear of someone learning comic book art or fashion drawing or illustration or animation at some non-art-school university, I do this double take, and I think, When did THAT happen? Isn't my art supposed to be devoid of anything but classical realism and lofty abstractions? But I think that about a lot of things, like the cellphones that everyone, yes, everyone but me, has with them every moment of their lives. When did THAT happen? It's my fault for living so long.


Tristan Alexander said...

It is just my oppinion, but I think you would learn more, do better and be happier with the results if you had a life drawing class (or found someplace that offered time with a live model) or if you worked from photos of nudes!

Vaibhav Solanki said...

Can you send me this PDF "Figure it Out" ? Please. email :