Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Figure dancers

The idea in my current self-administered course is not to become a good figure draw-er from life, since I have little opportunity to draw from real life models. The goal is to draw decent figures from my mind and memory. These are copied from Hart's book, and are attempts at drawing figures in graceful motion. You can see some of the geometric construction lines that underlie drawings from memory. Ideally, I want to be able to draw the human figure in any possible position, without using a model.

The question is, who am I drawing pictures of, and why? Pin-up girls, yes, and barbarian warrioresses, sure. Elf maidens, on request. But "real" people, no. "Real" people, the ones who work with you or sell you stuff or fill the aisles of stores and malls, don't look like models, don't look like elves, and don't look like barbarian swordwielders. They slouch, they drag, they shamble. They are not graceful. And they won't be in fantasy illustrations. It would be kinda cool though if suddenly everyone in a mall turned into a fantasy figure. Everyone would be about a foot taller, the guys would have the bodies of football players, and all the women would be wearing tiny bikinis and have big round boobs. And all the women would have natural flaming red hair! Ah, what a dream. Now back to the drawing board, boring drawings or not.

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