Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pin-up Attempt with Fantasy

My friends challenged me to move beyond schematic simple figure drawings and create a pin-up girl for the By-Product. Well here she is, Miss Fantasy December, with an I.O.U. for the dragon. I found her image in "Art Models 5," a book of helpful nude model photographs designed especially for artists. This is sort of a transitional piece between Photoshop-colored line drawings which I am sort of familiar with, and fullly rendered two-dimensional Photoshop figures, which I haven't done yet. Photoshop keeps getting out of hand, and I find the Wacom tablet slippery and difficult to get precise with. Nevertheless, this whole thing was done digitally without a pencil or pen drawing as a base. I didn't trace the image, I drew it while looking at the paper copy in the book, because unfortunately the DVD with all the pictures on it, that came with "Art Models 5," doesn't work. That was disappointing but here it is, this is my art adventure for tonight.

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