Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revisiting Enlil and Ramparts

Some of you may remember Enlil, the master techno-mage from my imaginary Noantri World. I have been working on a graphic novel starring Enlil for more than 10 years. I leave it, come back, do some work on it, go away again, and then come back. This upcoming year I am determined to make some serious progress on it. The story is fairly simple: the Techno-mage (or in my terminology, "nouergist" or "theophore,") has been working with geologists on a restless volcano that shows signs of being about to erupt. But the geologists mistrust him and reject him after an accident on the volcano's summit. Enlil uses his powers to secretly teleport a geologist to the site for further observation. Here, he is mustering the interdimensional energies which will create a teleportation gateway.

The title of the tale is "The Flaming Ramparts." I currently have 41 pages of the story done and have just started on page 42. I expect the whole thing to be about 80 pages; graphic novel size. These three panels are from page 37. Art is ink and watercolor on Fabriano illustration board, about 4 1/4" x 9 " altogether. I think that after this chapter is done I will continue to draw the art by hand with ink pens, but will color it with Photoshop. The option will remain for me to color it with watercolor later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for going back to make art for "Ramparts." It is heart-warming to see Enlil. While I know that the Noantri world is not centered on him, it is a treat to revisit a favorite character from your imaginal world.

Pyracantha said...

Heart warmed by Enlil? Hee hee, now I know who Meowhair is. Thanks for commenting :-)