Friday, February 25, 2011

Dragon Warrior of Darkover

During the 1980s I did lots of fantasy portraits of fans, posing in their costumes in a fantasy setting. Sometimes the costumes were real, other times I made them up. The guy here wore this black outfit, as I remember, and I added the details of fur-lined cloak, sword, and mini-dragon. This was a mash-up of Darkover, land of the red sun and glowing psychic crystals, and Pern, land of big dragons you could ride and mini-dragons you could keep for companions. The portrait guy posed at DarkoverCon, which in those days actually was about Darkover. He was a sergeant in the Air Force and was later transferred to Keflavik air base in Iceland, where he could have used that fur-lined cloak. Many years later he re-appeared at Darkovercon. I wonder if he still has his portrait.

The Dragon Warrior portrait is acrylic on illustration board, 8" x 12", July 1985.

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