Thursday, February 10, 2011

Laser Beam Tulip

This is one of my "flower concept" pieces from the early 90s. I would take a conventional flower rendering and put it into a fantasy setting. This one is inspired by the intense, neon-bright red color of some spring tulips. The color reminded me of a laser beam so I painted a tulip as a laser beam emitter. It may not be the most romantic portrait of a flower, but it's an original idea, at least.

"Laser Beam Tulip" is watercolor on Fabriano paper, 6" x 10", June 1990.


Mary said...

I loved this even before you explained it, but maybe that's because I work with lasers. :-)

Tristan Alexander said...

Seriously, you need to find someplace that prints t-shirts and get all your flower pictures doen on shirts! This and the other flower pictures you have posted would apeal to SO many and are nice strong graphics. I think they would sell very well in the right stores!

Pyracantha said...

Mary, I'm glad you're still following the By-Product!

Tristan, how would I go about putting images on T shirts? Does Endeavor Press make them? Is there a minimum number of shirts you have to make for each image?

Mary said...


Why not make a store on They don't print up the shirts (or mugs, or whatever) until someone orders them, so you're not investing in an inventory.