Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Workplace View

Fellow art blogger Stephen Gardner did a quick drawing of his dreary workplace on his blog so I thought I'd do one too. This is one end of my closet-like workspace which I share with two other people. The upright flat thing in the center is a sign I just completed, sitting on a desk while the paint dries. You can see boxes of our archived price tag signs stacked up on a shelf, as well as a sign which says "La Cocina Mexicana," (Mexican Cuisine). There's a grid-like calendar on the wall, and in the foreground is our durable but mediocre color inkjet printer. This is only one part of the space, not the part I work in. Perhaps I'll draw my side of it at a later date.

Sepia toned Pitt technical pen on sketch paper, 6" x 4", February 8, 2011.

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Stephen Gardner said...

I'm getting to this little late but I love it.