Sunday, February 27, 2011

Start Smooth

I haven't done a Starbucks drawing in some time. Saturday, instead of going to a winery, I went to a coffeery and had a cappuccino with one of their little warm sandwiches from which the egg patty had been removed at my request. The displays in the center of the shop made an interesting jumbly pattern which I faithfully recorded, even with the title "Start Smooth." Almost everyone in the consumer area, such as the one I drew in the background, had some sort of picturephone which they bent over in a now-characteristic pose. In the last two years it seems that the human race has gone from "human" to "human-with-picturephone." Which makes me, who doesn't have one, somewhat less than human. Or more than picturephone.


emikk said...

My life, my picturephone!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your plein cafe sketches.