Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pure and Simple

I haven't drawn a girl for a while so here's one. She's from Playboy, that's one of my resources no matter what. The Playboy volume she appears in is called "Sexy Bare Essentials," an all-photo magazine. Here's how the introduction goes: "...20 gorgeous girls who are unafraid to reveal their bare essence and sensuality without the distraction of lingerie, silly props, or busy backgrounds. You get nothing but beautiful naked girls - pure and simple." This was produced for a specific audience, but they probably never imagined that these unencumbered poses were perfect for artists looking for pin-up models. Thanks, Playboy! The intro text reminds me of some copy I recently wrote for a sign advertising fruit and nut mixes: "pure and simple."

Original pencil drawing is about 8" x 10".


Tristan Alexander said...

Not bad, though I have never liked that hands on the hips pose. It just looks awkward to me (and it is not a fault of your drawing, it is a fault of the pose)

LauraJ said...

I like her a lot. She has a much more animated face than some, too!