Monday, February 14, 2011

Enchanted Forest

I do fantasy portrait commissions. At least, I used to in the previous millennium, before my art priorities changed and I got the day job. One of my fantasy portrait commissions was not really centered on the portrait sitter but on her ideal world and the mood it would set in the room where it was placed. My portrait person is a Pagan and a massage therapist so she wanted me to create a beautiful green forest that would express her love of nature and set a serene mood for her clients. So I painted "The Enchanted Forest," which is full of things that the viewer can find if they look closely. The portrait person herself is at the right side of the image. I included elves, fairies, a gnome, woodland creatures (rabbit, cardinal birds, squirrels, raccoon, etc.) and a Green Man.

I've posted this at a somewhat larger size than usual so you can click on the image and find all the little features I placed in the picture.

"Enchanted Forest" is watercolor on Arches watercolor board, 28" x 16", April-May 1996.


Mike said...

Excellent detail and sense of depth.

Tristan Alexander said...

I love how realistic the forest looks, and all the little "hidden" creatures are great!