Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breasts Are Good

This drawing is from the May 18 life drawing session at Falls Church Arts. I was happy to have a model who had nice large breasts. This is the most important part of the female figure if I am to make images of fantasy women for a (straight) male audience. If I am making images of fantasy women for a female audience, it isn't the breasts but the flowing hair and dreamy eyes. I left that out of this drawing because I only had twenty minutes to draw it. Do the breasts first, right after I've established the basic proportions. But fantasy breasts don't hang like real flesh. They are perfectly spherical and look like they are inflated with helium so they float and have no weight. Implants give real women this look if they want it. So if I turn a live model into fantasy I have to make sure that the breasts are suitably artificial. Fantasy women warriors rush into battle wearing peculiar armor that covers the arms and legs heavily but leaves the torso bare. Presumably the enemy will be so dazzled by the woman warrior's perfectly round breasts that he will forget to attack or fire.

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