Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drawing of seated figure

The series of model drawing sessions at Falls Church Arts is over now and I will miss drawing each week. This week's model was quite different from the others and had plenty of curves and volume to draw. I fell into a "precisionist" technique trying to depict the many lines and spaces her poses provided. This is one of the twenty-minute drawings we did. It's quite complex and I didn't have enough time to draw her face, so that's why it's blank.

There are other model drawing groups in the area and I hope to sign up with one or more of them. I never get enough life drawing. I need to keep drawing women, from life, over and over and over again, and I need to put images of beautiful, lifelike, nude women into my art, just like other "real" artists do.

I do these drawings in plain old #2 (HB) pencil on a sketchbook page.

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