Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lair of the Yellow Dragons

"Blogger," the host here, had some problems but it seems that May 12th's post is now restored and I can get back to putting up the art. This tranquil scene is a view of Falls Church Maintenance's vehicle shed, containing dragon-like digging machines and heavy trucks. You can also see the rainwater collection tank at the side of the building, fed by two roof tubes. This art was done entirely on-site ("plein air") while I sat on the tailgate of my car. I hope to submit this piece to an exhibit of work done outdoors. The requirements are that all the work be done in one session on-site (no touch-ups in the studio) and that it depicts a location in Falls Church city. I wonder if anyone else will depict industrial or maintenance equipment. Usually "plein air" concentrates on pretty gardens, landscapes, and historic buildings, although I've seen some great industrial images done on-site using digital screens.

"Lair of the Yellow Dragons" is Pitt brown technical pen, black marker, and colored pencil on Bristol board, 14" x 11", May 12, 2011. Click on the pic for a larger view.

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