Sunday, May 15, 2011

Model Moves

This is again from my most recent (May 11) life drawing session. Our model did a series of graceful poses for one minute each. As with all artists who do life drawing, I wish that I could preserve the sense of motion and life in these drawings if I were to do them in a more finished style. Some great artists manage it. All I can do is keep drawing. Now if I could only get the model to do comic-book-style poses. I bet she would if I asked her. I don't know what model I will draw next but I know it will be a female.

Art is the only thing I really want to do these days. Well, and visiting wineries and drinking wine. I am hoping to combine the two with vineyard-themed artwork. You've seen some of it. There's more where that came from, I hope. I never get bored with doing art, and every year there's a new vintage.

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