Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sun Chalices

1998 seems a long time ago, even though it is only 13 years ago. Well, 13 years is quite a long time. In those days, I was living where I live now, and I had everything I have now, except for the orange Honda Element. In those days, I did not have a day job, and I spent a lot more time doing art, including lots of on-site sketches. My 1998 daily journal was lavishly illustrated with ink and colored pencil drawings, one on each page. This one was a springtime effort. I remember clearly sitting on the garden wall in front of this flower area near a big apartment building, drawing these sunlit blooms. Every so often spring produces a warm, sunny, flower-filled day which actually lives up to the poetic hype. My recent Saturday at Village Winery was one of those days. I add to the poetic-ness by calling these flowers "sun chalices." Tulips do look like wineglasses, full of sun-wine. Original drawing size, about 4" x 5".

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