Friday, March 23, 2012

Box of Light

I bought a container of "body wash" called "Everlasting Sunshine." (Not to be confused with the "Eternal Sunshine" film.) I also bought a bottle of shampoo called "Refreshing Waterfall Mist." Bath products are creating for me a world of warmth, clean moisture, bright light, and harmless, fragrant plants, an organic Heaven. I want to be the person who names these products. It is like poetry you wash with. It is like those magical pools whose edges of flowing water match the infinite horizon. My bathroom has no windows, but now the sun will shine there. Meanwhile, a mesh crate in one of my studios has been packed with sunlight. Where shall I escape to? I hear the waterfall in the distance, and the singing birds, and I will be cleansed.

It's a photograph. March 23, 2012.