Friday, March 16, 2012

Japanese Girl Poses

I have a lot of figure drawing resources, as long as photographs are good enough. One of my favorites is a Japanese model-book featuring a bevy of lovely women posing in "dramatic," chiaroscuro light. They take unusual poses, often off-balance or squirming on the floor. This makes drawing interesting, as they are not doing the same old thing. I managed to do a figure drawing page today from my Japanese book. I also have been looking at the fabulous pin-up work of Frank Cho, whose voluptuous women are twice the size of these little Japanese ladies. Art Models 6, which you may remember, has some plus-size models and maybe I'll draw some big curvy ones next.

Figure drawing page is pencil on sketchbook paper, about 8" x 11", March 16, 2012.

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Mike said...

Very natural looking. Your lines are excellent.