Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Volcano Wizard

The "Volcano Wizard," here calling up flame to control the destructive force of the mountain, is a character of mine who some of you might remember. I did a lot of work with him over the decade of the 1990s. I wrote a number of stories, did lots of art including portraits, and most of all, made a graphic novel starring the wizard and a crew of geologists under the shadow of a huge volcano about to erupt. This graphic novel was never finished. I started it in 1999 and got to about 40 pages before I ran out of time and energy. I have a complete plot summary and want to finish it, but I have to devise a different strategy for working on it. The graphic novel is called "The Flaming Ramparts" and has a lot of intrigue, psionic magic, and volcanic explosions. It's set in my modern world of the Noantri. How can I do more on this and finish it? I just don't know right now. I need a wizard to help me with this problem.

The picture above isn't quite from the graphic novel. The volcano wizard doesn't wear Gandalf-like robes, just the normal clothes of his world, although he does have a showy white cape. He glows with a brilliant orange aura when he unleashes his interdimensional energies, and is surrounded by any number of orange artifacts. He bequeathed the Orange theme to me, which is why I am almost always wearing or using something orange. (Now you know!) However just now I am wearing purple, for the weeks of Lent...but the purple belongs to another psionic adept from that world, who has not shown up in any graphic novel or story. Color goes between universes.

"Volcano Wizard" is acrylic, ink, and gouache on red paper, 7"x 10", fall 1998.

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