Thursday, March 15, 2012

Houseplant Sketch 2002

The apartment maintenance have been doing some much-needed repairs on my ceiling and in doing so, have moved a bookcase and the stacks of books and magazines in it. One of the volumes was my 2002 illustrated journal. In those days I lived exactly where I do now, but I didn't have my day job yet. (How is it that a simple part time 3 day a week job can take up so much time and energy?) So I had lots more time to do drawings, one on every page of the written journal, and also did much more mathematics study. My written entries describe my struggles solving systems of equations in three variables. I would have to do a lot of reviewing to re-learn that business.

In 2002 I drew in brown ink which I still like using. I would draw anything including the potted plants in my quarters, some of which I still have. But I don't have this one. This rather dilapidated miniature palm bit the dust many years ago.

Drawing of plant is brown Pitt pen ink on sketchbook page, some lines re-drawn in Photoshop, about 3" x 5", March 2002. Ten years ago.

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