Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Retrostyle Digital Model Drawing

This is a drawing of a model found in one of my "Art Models" books and it is all in digital medium. But I tried to give it that "retro" look that you can find in old-style mid-20th century figure drawing manuals. In those days, women had these big triangular torsos and narrow waists, flaring out to larger hips. This was because their heavy girdles and "foundation garments" which they wore to get a fashionable look actually shaped their figures even when they were nude. Nowadays, womens' torsos aren't as hourglass-shaped, at least in my limited art model drawing experience.

This drawing is sketchy and still in monocolor. I am working toward getting a sharper, more contrast-y, more precise, and full-color look for my figures, before I start putting the chain mail bikinis on them.

Digital drawing media Photoshop, original drawing about 7" x 9", March 28, 2012.

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