Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pin-up Style Nude

Ms. Pin-up from Art Models 6 is as finished as I am going to render her. I could do more on the hands, face, and feet if I wanted to, but I've already spent quite a lot of time on her. At least she's got a nice, mildly seductive look on her face, rather than the ill-tempered mood of my previous pin-ups. A pin-up girl must look like she is having fun, or at least being a good actress. Plain old art models can be as pissed off as they want, and they often look that way.

This study is digital from the beginning; no pencil was used in the preliminary drawing. For some reason, it looks like pastel, maybe because I used some "granularity" in my Photoshop coloring. I didn't want it to look too smooth and airbrushed, even though some of the greatest pin-ups ever, by the renowned Alberto Vargas, were done with airbrush.

More pin-up girls (and maybe a pin-up boy, too!) coming, though I have to work on a big commission which is getting done only a few inches at a time due to the difficulty of blending acrylic paint on a surface.

Ms. Pin-up is Photoshop, 8" x 10", February-March 2012.

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