Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dangerous Dame

This sinister-looking lady is from another set of game illustrations I did for another game designer's project. Like the earlier gameworld of "Haven," this one was set in an intrigue-ridden Renaissance-era port city, but in this game plot, the main characters were upper-class types, either nobility or military officers. The game was named "The Powers that Be." There was a lot of drawing-room skullduggery as well as infiltration, spying, and assassination. This character, Dame Ingaria, may have loved animals, but treated people wretchedly.

My character portraits and environments were included with the game book, and were to be used in play scenarios, as the master set them up as printed cut-outs to help the players visualize who they were dealing with. The characters I illustrated were "non-player," thus could not be role-played by a participant.

This game was of the old school type, with no computer involved, just a lot of papers and dice on a table. The illustrations made things more interesting for the players. Unfortunately, this game did not sell well, maybe didn't sell at all, and I earned almost nothing from a lot of art.

Dame Ingaria's original art is ink on Strathmore bristol board, 4" x 5", March 2003. This art was then scanned into a file and colored in with Painter 7, a graphics program I no longer use, although the current Painter 12 interests me.

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