Monday, April 2, 2012

Busted in Gameworld

The thief has been caught! This is an illustration from one of the game books that I worked on for Gamelords. I did many black and white pen drawings for different possible scenarios in the game. I used an old-fashioned pen and ink style to keep with the "Renaissance" era setting. Here, two policemen (or militia members) haul a thief in front of a tribunal. The trial and the fate of the thief would be part of the game play.

This image was rescued from a book of plastic page sleeves full of my illustrations of the time. I would copy the ink drawings on a Xerox machine and place them in the plastic portfolio book. I didn't know until too late that the toner "ink" on the Xeroxed pages stuck to the plastic of the sleeves, so you can't pull the paper out without wrecking the whole thing. For this image, I stuffed the whole open plastic book onto the scanner. This resulted in some minor distortion and fall-off which I have handled as best I can in Photoshop, which didn't exist when I did this drawing.

Original drawing of "Thief" is ink on Bristol board, 8" x 5 1/2", spring 1984.