Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Duke's Dress Ball

This is the last cover I did for Gamelords, before the company began to fade away. It is for a game called "The Duke's Dress Ball," in which you and your fellow players play a gang of thieves who have infiltrated a high-society event. The thieves attend the ball in order to lift as many valuables as they can get away with, while they pass as fellow nobles and party-goers. (The Duke's security systems must be very weak.) On this cover, you see a female thief, in a glorious green satin gown, dancing with a handsome gentleman, while she is picking his pocket.

This is a rare piece of art for me to paint because it contains an idealized self-portrait. The woman in green is supposed to be me, if I wore fancy clothes and make-up. I also recall that the golden background of this scene was especially difficult to paint, since I was using a thick coat of a color (raw siena, a golden brown) which is not very opaque. It turned out all right but the surface of the painting was unusually rough.

Gamelords is gone but you can still get this game, and see the cover with lettering on it, at this site, "Different Worlds." Who knew that someone is still selling games that are almost thirty years old? I wonder if anyone has ever bought a copy.

"The Duke's Dress Ball" game cover is acrylic on Strathmore illustration board, 11" x 14", April 1984. Klikonit for larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Another one I have never seen! Love it! The gold room does steel the show here...the people are nice as are all the other details, but the gold room with all the details just steels the show for me! Great job!