Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Hot Darkover

Back in Darkoverland, there was an unmistakable element of romance and eroticism in that world. Marion Zimmer Bradley and her female fan base were not immune to the bodice ripping that went on under the Red Sun. This was a piece designed to appeal to that part of the Darkover mythos. If I had red paper to work on, and some fashion magazines, I would go there. Note the glowing "matrix stone" on our Darkover babe's neck. Ah, the old days, I hardly remember them. The title of this one is "Matrix Ecstasy."

Ecstasy is colored pencil and gouache on red paper, 7" x 10", October 1992.


Tristan Alexander said...

Amazing! This is one of your better faces! You shoudl do more like this, I think it would sell!

Joel said...