Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hair Door

I get my hair done every couple of months. I get a dye job and a cut. "Better living through chemistry" I say about hair dye. While I am waiting for the dye to take effect, I sit in the back of the salon and draw. Now I do this with the iPad. This is the door into the salon, plus a red tablecloth over a promotional display table, cars in the parking lot, and the main counter to the left. I would have done a lot more but I only had the time for the hair dye and then it was washoff and cut time. Now my hair is refreshed. I need more time to make more detailed and larger iPad sketches. This one was done on the "Art Studio" app, April 13, 2012.


Damon Pla said...


I know you said you don't play games, but there is a game on the iPad called Draw Something. We can play it together. It's like Pictionary. Download it (if you want) set up your name by email (since you don't facebook, I think) and then create new game via username, mine is alqnomab

Pyracantha said...

Damon thanks but I'd rather not do any internet games. I am on Facebook though. Search for "Pyracantha."