Friday, April 27, 2012

Sisa of the Five Claws

Here's another character portrait commission from my days with Philadelphia fans in the late 80s. "Sisa" was a commander and adventurer in a game that my client played. She was his role-playing identity in the game. Her symbol was a severed dragon's claw in grey and red, and she wielded a fantastic (if impractical) five-pronged pole weapon. Battle-magic symbols are painted on her forehead. Her armor, while it covers her up properly rather than a steel bikini, seems a bit restrictive in the torso. As one fan on seeing this said to me, "Sisa, don't breathe." I suppose it could be like a corset. Armor is never comfortable.

The campaign went on for months, but I delayed painting the character because I was not sure how to depict that shiny armor. By the time I got the painting done, the game was finished. I hope Sisa survived.

Sisa is acrylic on Strathmore illustration board, 9" x 12", spring 1987. Click on image for larger view.

Note for By-Product viewers: I will be going away from my studio for a week, to attend my elderly parents. During that time I won't be posting to this blog, unless I might be able to do an iPad drawing or two. I'll be back on May 6, if all goes well.

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Tristan Alexander said...

I love this, very well done! Good armor and overall look!