Sunday, April 15, 2012

iPad Landscape Demo

I brought my iPad to the Falls Church Arts gallery where I was supposed to sit and attend the art. The other person who was also assigned this task mentioned that she was about to get an iPad. She was already working with digital photography and photomanipulation but asked for a demonstration of iPad art. So I sat down with her and went through the process of creating a landscape sketch, from memory here. You can see the imprints of the "scatter" and stipple "brushes" on the leafy areas. For some reason the art establishment doesn't like sketches or paintings from memory, they insist on being on-site. Most of my iPad landscapes are on-site, plein Pad. I showed my co-art sitter how I take the folding cover of my iPad jacket and use it as a sunshade so I can see the screen, because otherwise the skylight and sunlight reflect off the shiny screen and prevent me from seeing what I'm drawing.

She was delighted at what the iPad art apps can do and can't wait to start working with her iPad. You can do photomanipulations with it too. Her iPad, being the current model, has a camera built-in. She's gonna have a lot of fun.

Improvised from memory landscape done on the "Art Studio" app, April 14, 2012.


Joel said...

Sharing knowledge can be fun in itself :)

Tristan Alexander said...

The difference between your traditional media work and this kind of work is so vast! There is no life in these! But even when you are drawing an alley with junk in it in real media, it has life!

Pyracantha said...'s possible that this iPad drawing is dull specifically because I was not on site drawing a live scene.
Anyway, I've got my colored pencils ready for my next expedition, I hope that's "traditional" enough for you.