Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back From Balticon

I did surprisingly well at Balticon, given that I had hardly any time to prepare and I just fished some prints and some originals haphazardly out of my closet. I actually sold a number of prints and one original. The book launch for "Galactic Creatures" went very well and many books were sold. The editor told me that my art on the cover was receiving numerous compliments. All this was a pleasant surprise. Balticon is my favorite convention because I have so many friends there and there is always time to get together. There was plenty of restaurant food. Another surprise was the Marriott Residence Inn where I stayed. Even though it was a bit more expensive than the convention hotel, which I didn't book early enough so was sold out, the Residence Inn provided me a whole little studio apartment which had many amenities and was very peaceful. There was a fridge, so I had wine. At the convention I did a lot of marketing for my book cover and also bought some fun books in the dealers' room. Despite what a lot of long-time participants say, science fiction conventions are not all dead. There were ads for many of them, even in Virginia. But now that I've returned I really must finish the Big Painting, which should have been displayed at Balticon but wasn't finished. 

I always sketch at Balticon so here are some. The sketches at the top are some costumers, a Pirate Artist, and an ukulele. Below are some sketches drawn on the iPad, including a random book in a squarish frame.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Realy glad you did well! As you kmnow I did way better than expected also! :) SCIFI cons are FAR from dead!