Friday, May 18, 2012

Mexican Menu Lighthouse of Alexandria

I was a graduate student at Harvard in Classical Studies (Greek and Latin). My world, up to 1978, had been filled with the marvels of antiquity, both literary and architectural. The Lighthouse  of Alexandria was no longer standing, but coins and other illustrations from ancient times depicted the structure with enough detail to inform a rough drawing of what it would have been like. I depicted this Hellenistic skyscraper on the menu chalkboard, and this is the posterboard that was derived from my original drawing. Classicists who came in for their tacos and burritos enjoyed the rather esoteric pairing of enchiladas with Egypt. 

"Lighthouse of Alexandria" was markers on posterboard, 21" x 13", winter 1979. Note on photograph: I had to photograph these inside using a crude flash attachment, since it was winter, covered with snow, and I had no way of using sunlight outdoors as I did with other photographs of my art. The photos were bad even then, but nowadays the modern marvel of Photoshop can bring the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and its menu, back to its old colorful self.

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