Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Terra Brasilis

This is the other sketch I managed to do while in Massachusetts visiting my folks. My parents and I ate at a Brazilian restaurant in Framingham, Mass. called "Terra Brasilis." Their food is delicious, served buffet-style with meat that is toasted on a grill and carved right in front of you. But as always, my father takes a long, long time to eat, so I had a lot of time after I finished to wait for him. I pulled out my sketchbook which I always keep in my car and drew this view of the front desk where you pay for your meals. The little window in the desk front shows candy and sweets that you could buy for dessert. You can see part of the face, and the hand, of the guy behind the counter, and you can also see part of my car through the vertical window. The restaurant logo sign is really a separate drawing and does not appear as drawn in the view. I'd love to have a Brazilian eatery like this in my neighborhood.

Ink drawing on sketchbook page is 8" x 5".

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