Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back from the old home

I am back from my sojourn with my elderly parents in Massachusetts. It was very difficult for me as I was helping to arrange in-home care for my 92-year-old father. I just hope that he doesn't reject the helper we arranged for him. My 90-year-old mother can't take care of him all by herself. Despite suggestions from relatives and some other examples of sons and daughters who gave up jobs and homes to care for their aged parents, I don't think it would be good if I tried it, for many reasons I don't want to discuss here.

I didn't make much art at all there. I was just too busy. I managed one iPad sketch and one ink drawing. This is the iPad sketch, which is rather abstract and concerned more with colors than with details. It's the kitchen/dining area with a round light mounted on a large wall. The red and blue-ish figure in the left center is my father, who spends hours and hours at the dinner table sluggishly feeding and nodding off. I would have liked to do a more detailed drawing of the scene but I am having trouble making Autodesk Sketchbook Pro do my bidding. I would like there to be a "lasso" feature so I could block off areas of color, and maybe there is one, but I haven't found it. I would also like a "square brush" which also is probably customizable.

The parent situation isn't resolved, but at least someone will be visiting the household. Their front door entry was overgrown with vegetation and I hacked a way through it with an ancient rusty old shears when I was there. I also took away at least 10 bags of piled-up junk from the house and dumped them. Much more needs to be done with de-cluttering but my efforts must suffice for now.

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