Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mexican Menu Egypt

In 1975 I visited Egypt and other ancient lands on a traveling fellowship after my undergraduate years. Even though I only spent two weeks in Egypt, it was a memorable experience that still remains vividly with me. 1979 was only a few years away from my Egyptian trip. So, despite Egypt having nothing to do with Mexico (except for various crypto-historical speculators and mystic believers), I did an Egypt-themed menu, complete with pyramids, ibises, date palms, hieroglyphs, and decorative border. Pyramids here, pyramids there, what's the difference. 

"Land of the Pharaohs" is markers on posterboard, 21" x 13", winter 1979. Despite my Photoshopic efforts, this slide was too faded to restore completely. You can still see the design though.

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