Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mexican Menu Green God

I used my Mayan resources to create another "Pre-Columbian" menu board. This was a green snaky god with a humanoid head and the sacred green quetzal plumes. The humanoid head with its exaggerated features caused some controversy when I showed it back then, as it was regarded as an ugly caricature of a Native Mesoamerican face. But it wasn't far removed from the faces that were actually carved by the Mayans themselves. I did enjoy working with the Art Nouveau typeface, with each letter carefully built (and corrected) by hand. The little guy in the lower right hand corner is copied from a Mayan depiction of an owl.

Markers on posterboard, 21" x 13", winter 1979.

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Tristan Alexander said...

And again I say, do some serious art with Aztec/Myan seems to suit you!