Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reston Raft

I ate a fine dinner at the Lakeside Inn in Reston, Virginia. The restaurant, as advertised, is situated above the shoreline of one of the artificial lakes which are interspersed through the luxury planned community. People live in lakefront houses nearby, within walking, or boating, distance of the shopping center where the restaurant is. As my friends and I dined, we watched this deck raft, occupied by a family, approach the cove shore. Father paddled while Mom and two little girls lounged in the evening sun. When the raft was securely tied to a pylon, the family exited the raft and came into the restaurant to eat. Reston lake residents take to the water on these leisurely little barges, complete with tables and chairs and toys and food, all shaded by the Garden Umbrella. What a pleasant existence!

This drawing of a Reston raft was done on the iPad, while waiting for dinner to arrive. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro's latest update features a whole selection of simulated pencils, complete with graphite color and texture. There are also foliage simulations, such as I've used in the background here. 

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