Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Galaxy Goddess

I did a series of fantasy female nudes for conventions. Fantasy female nudes, if they are done well, always sell. The series was done on colored paper with opaque media, a technique which goes well with many artists, including some of my friends. The colored paper also makes it easier to model a figure with highlights and shadows, rather than having to paint the whole figure up from an empty white space. 

This one is kind of a cosmic water nymph transported into the starry sky, where she caresses galactic arms and drifts in a sea of nebulae. 

"Galaxy Goddess" is acrylic gouache and colored pencil on blue paper, 10" x 7", winter 1994. Some touch-up on the face in Photoshop to make it clearer.


Tristan Alexander said...

Wow, this shows you CAN do good human figures! Very nice!

Rae Trigg said...

That is gorgeous!