Thursday, August 1, 2013

Headquarters of the Ouranian Order

The Ouranian Order, in my Noantri world of "New Earth," is made up of mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, and musicians, and a few geometrical visual artists as well. This group meets to discuss their subjects, gives concerts and lectures, and sometimes offers expert advice to media and public officials. They gather in library-temples and celebrate rituals which aim to attune the participants to the cosmic order of the universe. The Order has both males and females, including many married couples, and they all tend to be upper-class since their education level is so high. The Order is originally of Khemaru origin though it is open to all ethnicities. Their symbolic colors are black and purple and their ritual garb is almost all black with some purple trim.

Though the Ouranians deny it constantly, the public media and popular rumor insist that the Ouranian Order is intent on world domination through control of people's minds and invisible influences on behavior, cybernetic networks, and international conspiracies. The Ouranians reply that the world is too complex, and people's minds too simple, to be worth dominating.

This building is one of their headquarters, a combination of library and temple on the outskirts of a major Noantri city. The tower in the background is a communications facility, assuring independent Dataworld connections for all the members of that temple.

"Ouranian Temple" is ink and watercolor on illustration board, 7" x 10", May 2002.

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