Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Virtual life drawing

I haven't drawn one of these in a long time. But just recently I acquired "Art Models 8" in the excellent photo-album series. These books, with their accompanying DVD, provide "virtual art models" for artists like me who don't usually have access to a live model. You put the picture of your model on the screen and draw with the drawing tablet and Photoshop (or other art software). The results, as here, look just like pencil work. Yes, I did use the eraser and the "step back" command. "Art Models 8" features female and male models in rather "classic" art studio poses, mostly solo but sometimes in a couple with another model. They are multi-racial and are diverse in size and age. This one was a dancer and posed in ballet-like or acrobatic poses. There's plenty more to draw from in just this one book.

Photoshop, about 4" x 6", August 6, 2013.

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