Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Medieval mail

I've been reading some medieval fantasies by Katherine Kurtz, the author of the Deryni books and their world. In Deryniworld, at least in the books I've been reading, it's about 1300.  (There's another storyline which takes place a couple of hundred years earlier.) The Deryni are identical to ordinary folk, at least on the outside, but they can do magic and have psychic powers. I've illustrated these stories for a long time, though not recently. I was inspired to do this sketch of a mail-clad knight or lancer, though most of the current storyline doesn't have battles in it. There's mostly palace intrigue and royal family dramas so far. I chose armor from around 1300. This model, heraldic surcoat over chain mail, is the most well-recognized type of earlier medieval armor. In a few decades knights would adopt the more familiar "shining armor" of molded plates.

Gel and technical pen on sketchbook page, 3" x 4", August 19, 2013. Some additions by digital inking in Photoshop.

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