Friday, July 25, 2014

Andrew Acosta Band Returns to Park

Summer in America, our nation goes outside in the evening for concerts and lawn furniture. Kids and dogs playing in the grass, and ice cream from the vendors under the canopies. Fireflies lighting the big trees and evening birds chirping. The dark misery of the world is put aside for just a moment. 

Andrew Acosta and his "New Old-Time String Band" plays every year somewhere in the Falls Church neighborhood and tonight was his turn at the "Concerts in the Park," held at an outdoor venue near the City Hall. As always he brought a good helping of country-musical Americana, somewhere between bluegrass and folk. The band, as seen above, is six gentlemen on various instruments and vocals, including the ninety-six year old fiddler, "Speedy" Tolliver. On the second half of the show, Acosta brought up his other group, "Acosta and Clark," a smaller band with a little bit of drumming and an electric bass. Acosta's sister appeared as vocalist on a few songs and they finished out their set as usual with a Gospel medley.

Pitt technical pen black ink on sketchbook page, about 5" x 8", while sitting on my tiny and uncomfortable folding stool.

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