Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sacred Squirrel

They're everywhere, but you never notice them until they eat your flowers or otherwise get in your way. If they are anything, they are cute but bothersome. But what if they were the ultimate holy beings, a rodent collective God watching over us in the habitat we have built for them? There's God scolding us in the tree, there's God scampering over the lawn, and there's God burying the Acorn of the World for a new World Tree to grow from. 

I did this image for the 2002 "Sacred Space" pagan/new age convention. Some people thought it was irreverent. Others immediately called it "Sacred Squirrel" which then morphed into the cartoon character "Secret Squirrel." It was printed on the program book and the convention T-shirt, where it was  printed in brown on an off-white shirt with the leaves colored in light green. Original drawing was ink with computer lettering collage, June 2002.

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