Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiger Swallowtail Border

The Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is the state insect of Virginia. What, you didn't know that each state had an honorary insect? Well yes, they do! And this majestic butterfly is also the state insect of North and South Carolina, as well as Georgia and Delaware. Somehow, no state has chosen the cockroach or the fire ant as its state insect. I decided to add the Tiger Swallowtail to this full-summer border for advertising at Trader Joe's. The butterflies are real and you see them flying around in large numbers around this time. Some of them are huge, as big as birds. When they fly at you, you think they could knock you down. Fortunately they are not aggressive, at least against humans.

Ink, markers, and colored pencil on cardstock, 7" x 5", July 27, 2014.

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