Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bubble Tower

I doodled something that looked like a cross between a wedding cake and the Philadelphia city hall, then imported the black and white drawing into Photoshop and added color and pre-set patterns. I don't mind a touch of New Age glow or late 19th century holy carnival style. I don't even need feathery angels to trace the vision of lava-lamp heaven. The Bubble Tower is one of an endless number of lighthouses on the astral plane.

Technical pen ink on sketchbook page, enhanced and given a background in Photoshop, 5" x 7", July 2014. Cliquez for larger view.

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Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour said...

"Lava Lamp Heaven" eh? I love my lava lamps :) They relax me so :) They are going right now lol Curious to think of how this might appear to someone else. This is like some ostentatious chalice or fountain. I see it more as a distance object, though, a fountain brought up close for view. The soft color scheme brings a lightness to it, like you would find this in a place of utter bliss, even more so, QUIETNESS. Quietness in caps...lol