Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maine Coon Cali

Continuing with my Maine Coon theme I return from my religious meeting having enjoyed the company of my best friends. There is nothing like a group of true friends who pray together and share spiritual experiences. I also enjoyed the beautiful grounds of the retreat house which was home to at least, as I counted it, 32 different species of birds. 

This cat drawing, idealized from a photo, was done as a commission for a Maine Coon cat breeder in Connecticut. It is a lady cat named "Cali," a common cat name for a "calico" multicolored coat. The drawing was supposed to be the logo for the "cattery" but I never knew whether it was used.

I am somewhat allergic to cats even though I love them dearly so I don't have any of my own. I go over other people's houses and stroke and adore their cats. Then I quickly wash off the cat allergens and dust from my hands.

"Cali" is ink on illustration bristol board, 8" x 11", summer 1999.

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