Monday, December 1, 2014


I didn't do much sketching at Chessiecon. The convention was sparsely attended and not very picturesque. The hotel was undergoing renovation even as we were wandering about. Some folks (including me) were rudely awakened by the noise of workers removing the old roof, and outside my window roof debris accumulated in bins as it shot through a huge construction tube. The hotel looked shabby and the floors of the rooms (including mine) were unvacuumed and covered with unsavory crud. I have seen this hotel go through many changes and I hope that the renovations will make it a better and cleaner place to stay. 

I didn't have any art in the art show, either. The Chessiecon art show was full of tacky pictures of dragons, kittens, furries, pin-up girls, and bad digital prints, although Tristan's art was a relief from the general mediocrity. I sold four of my winery art books. I did hold my "salon" and despite some exhaustion (from non-convention stresses) on my part, I hosted my friends in my room with wine and snacks. If I had a house with any space in it, I'd  host my "Salon Pyracantha" more often. 

In these drawings you can see a fan reading in public seated in one of the hotel's better amenities, big overstuffed lobby chairs and sofas. I have always been amused by the fannish  habit of reading in public as  people swirl around them. The larger drawing shows some of the hangar-like lobby with lanterns and rectangular panels of reddish fabric hanging from the ceiling. The easel advertises events or workshops at the convention.

Pitt black technical pen on sketchbook page, 5" x 8", November 29, 2014.

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