Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunreturn Design for Sacred Space

I used to be associated with a Pagan and New Age convention called "Sacred Space," which met in the Baltimore area every summer. One year I was even their treasurer, which was an interesting experience. Most of what I did for them was design work. I designed the logo, T-shirt design, and the front cover for the program book each year, from 1995 to 2004. Each "Sacred  Space" had a theme, usually taken from either the Pagan year calendar or from common esoteric or Pagan religious figures such as "Goddess," "Trickster," or fertility personifications. 

The one you see here, from millennial 2000, honors the Winter Solstice, called rather poetically "The Vigil of Sunreturn." This has been the longest night of the year, and though it won't be noticeable for a while, the days will be getting longer. It was odd to have winter-related programming in the middle of the summer, but that was when the convention was held.

I'm not sure "Sacred Space" is still going. The last I knew, it had morphed into another name under different management. I haven't been to a Pagan or New Age event in a long time. But I still have the T-shirts.

The original design for this was built from clip art,  patterns, and type done on CorelDraw, the program I used before I switched to Macintoshes and the much more prevalent Photoshop. The T-shirt was dark blue, but I've re-colored it here to make a better-looking composition. Time of design, about spring 2000.

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