Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sime Character and Magic Rose

One of the more bizarre imaginary worlds I've illustrated is the "Sime-Gen" concept from the works of Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Rather than run through its description again, I invite you to re-visit my other Sime-Gen posts such as this one. Lichtenberg, who is still writing though advanced in years, maintains a little fan club for these works even after decades of obscurity. At Chessiecon I met a few of them who still remember and even cherish these tales of vampire-like tentacled mutants and psychic powers. This character, Ercy Farris, is a Sime - one of the tentacled morphology - who works with psychoactive flowers in the hope that the plants will contain essences which free the Simes and Gens from the difficulties of having to draw or provide energy from other sentient beings. She holds one of these magic flowers, a "Mahogany Trinrose," in her tentacles.

"Mahogany Trinrose" is ink, colored pencil, and gouache on brown paper, 7" x 10", November 1996.

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