Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Urban Cabin

In the next chapter of my "Urban Woods Dump Saga," the property owners have reached the old wood cabin in the back acre and are emptying it of hoarded stuff. I have not seen whether there really was a library in the cabin. But if I put myself into an awkward and uncomfortable position in my computer room, I have a moderately obstructed but visible view of the cabin. Here it is. Some details are not drawn correctly because I can't see them, even with binoculars. The building is set on a slope which is why there are two levels, that is, a main floor and a basement. There is a porch as you can see which is set in to the basic rectangle of the cabin's plan. What I don't quite get, because I can't see it very well, is how the stairs to the porch and door work. They are not central and direct to the door, but are side-entry and apparently built out to the side so you can walk up them. This may be because of the slope of the terrain.

Tonight the cabin was all lit up from within with warm golden Kinkade-like light. Workmen were going in and out of it and were sawing wood with a power saw. It's possible that the owners are renovating this place! (Or they could be getting ready to demolish it.) The cabin has no chimney, so there probably isn't a fireplace, but there must be some way to heat it. Does it have a bathroom? A kitchen? A bedroom? Is it for sale, or maybe even rent? Stay tuned for further developments.

Ink drawing on sketchbook page, 3 1/2" x 3 1/2", December 2014.

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