Sunday, December 14, 2014

Miss December

As the producer of "Art By-Products" I feel the obligation to bring all five of you loyal readers quality fresh product at least half the time. I have not been doing that recently because I've had an unpleasant cold that kept me from exerting the energy to make even little pictures. I'm sure you don't mind vintage art from me but there is eventually a limited supply of it and I will run out of it, and then what will I do to entertain you? So as my cold has gotten a bit better (cough, hack, sniff) I managed to draw a girl. I haven't drawn a human figure or face for months and since I'm about to end my 2014 sketchbook and move to 2015, I'd better draw one. She's a bit of a pin-up but much simpler. I found the model in "Art Models 5," that extra helpful series of photo model books made for artists like me who don't have easy access to life drawing sessions.

Miss December is ink on sketchbook page, 3 1/8" x 3 1/2", December 14, 2014.

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Mo said...

She's great! And I'm happy to be one of your "five" though I'm sure there are many more besides me. :) I don't comment nearly enough - you are a true inspiration to me, keep up the awesomeness.